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        1. Yuhuan Kaiyin Tools Factory
          ENGLISH 中文版  
          Welcome to Yuhuan Kaiyin!

          Yuhuan Kaiyin Tools Factory is located in Yuhuan, in the middle of gold coast of sou theast of zhejiang, which is in the between
          of Ningbo and Wenzhou.
          Our factory specializes in producing national standard (GB-T3478-1995) German standard, American standard, and other non-standard products, including internal spline broaches......
            Product categories
          Round broach
          Keyseat broach series
          Spline broach series
          Rectangle spline
          Triangular spline
          Involute spline
          Non-standard series
          Process of Spline shaft grinding
          ADD:Auto&Motorcyle Industrial Park, Yuhuan, Zhejiang
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