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        1. Yuhuan Kaiyin Tools Factory
          ENGLISH 中文版  
          Welcome to Yuhuan Kaiyin!

          Yuhuan Kaiyin Tools Factory is located in Yuhuan, in the middle of gold coast of sou theast of zhejiang, which is in the between
          of Ningbo and Wenzhou.
          Our factory specializes in producing national standard (GB-T3478-1995) German standard, American standard, and other non-standard products, including internal spline broaches......
            Product categories
          Round broach
          Keyseat broach series
          Spline broach series
          Rectangle spline
          Triangular spline
          Involute spline
          Non-standard series
          Process of Spline shaft grinding
          ADD:Auto&Motorcyle Industrial Park, Yuhuan, Zhejiang
          Excessive car may destroy a car
          Release time:2015.05.08 News source:Yuhuan Kaiyin Tools Factory Broach Browsing number:

          Along with the flow of time, the progress of the times, the car has been quietly into the homes of ordinary people. The car is no longer just a means of transport, it is more like our friends, even with our families, become an important member of the family. In our own car and even reached the "love" show the utmost solicitude, the degree of detail, certainly can't ignore his car. The instant you really "love" it, can not love too much. For example, you in order to better protect the engine, the oil and too full, these are wrong! Yinla knife below Kay introduce you how better to"love", instead of "harm" car.

          Error 1: rather than essential oil

          Crankcase oil can not be more, not less, too much oil will increase the rotational resistance of the crank and connecting rod mechanism, will make a splash into the walls of the increased oil cylinder. Kay said India broach too much oil can lead to the combustion chamber carbon increase, the engine power is reduced, which will affect the emissions. The owner in the inspection or add oil, should be added in accordance with the above scale oil gauge, oil levelshould not exceed the maximum scale limit, not less than the minimum scale line, the oil level is usually added to two middle position on the wide scale more appropriate.

          Misunderstanding 2: Ning high not low tire pressure

          Some owners like to charge the tire pressure is very high, that not only can overload and saving,this approach is not correct. Kay said India broach excessive tire pressure in the tire ground decreases, aggravate the wear tread, reduce the braking effect during braking, it will affect the traffic safety. Low tire pressure is too low is not good, in addition to affect traffic safety andbraking effect, will accelerate the wear of the tire shoulder, and increased vehicle fuel consumption.

          Misunderstanding 3: the wheel screw is rather tight and not loose

          Bolts of various parts of the vehicle, according to the diameter, pitch and different purposes, thefastening force moment has the corresponding provisions, not up to the specified torque boltlooseness, over torque fastening bolt will be elongated. In various parts of the fastening before,need to grasp the fastening torque of the bolts, such as wheel bolts, usually domestic car tirebolt tightening torque between 100-130N and m.

          Misunderstanding 4: Ning not loose tight belt accessories

          Kay said that some owners think India broach accessory belt tensioning degree increased, the cooling effect can improve the compressor, and the generator power generation, therefore a lot of improve the belt tension, but this is a mistake. Accessory belt should maintain appropriate tension degree, because the belt is too tight will make the bearing load is too large, will shortenthe service life of the parts, will lead the belt is broken, will ultimately affect the normal use of the vehicle.

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